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I work with business owners and their leadership teams at their facility. This ensures a practical application of the changes needed to improve results. Meeting frequency is bi-weekly or monthly depending on the needs of the business. After a discussion about where the business currently is and where the business owner would like it to be, a plan will be established in one or more of the following areas:

People Strategy

Success is getting the right people in the right seats.  


After that, gaining a better culture is about getting employees more engaged. Magic happens when empowered employees own the results. Altus provides the tools, education, and data while holding employees accountable to help improve the company.


"Leadership is created daily, not in a day." - John Maxwell

Fundamental Tools Used:

  • People Reviewer

  • A Clear Accountability-Responsibility Chart

  • Two-Way Performance Reviews

  • Leadership Development & Coaching

Profit Strategy

Successfully running a company for the long-term is hard, but not overly complicated.  


When you find and keep your customers happy, a quality service or product is produced and less is spent than is billed. When you employ a collection of quality people, hold on to them.  Ensure a slow and steady accumulation of earnings, by focusing on things within your control, such as:

- People                - Process               - Profitability

- Planning             - Product              - Promotion

Strategic Planning

What are the biggest challenges a company faces today? What will they be in five years?  


Change is inevitable. Business owners need a simple and practical plan to answer the questions of why, what, how, when, where and with whom. Reviewing it too often takes us away from the real work and reviewing it too infrequently finds us wandering off course. 

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” - Pogo Comic Strip

Fundamental Tools Used:

  • 2 Page Business Plan

  • Core Values

  • Leading Indicator Scorecards

  • Meetings That Solve Issues

Process Improvement

Renowned golf instructor Harvey Penick — Ben Crenshaw’s coach — gave tremendous advice with respect to making changes in a person’s golf swing. Penick said “When I ask you to take an aspirin, please don’t take the whole bottle. In the golf swing, a tiny change can make a large difference. The natural inclination is to begin to overdo the tiny change that has brought success.” 


Continuous improvement works best when the emphasis is on small, daily improvements that build to create a successful culture. At Western Graphics Inc., our 50 person team completed over 3,800 improvements in 8 years.

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